Migrating to the USA

Hi, Ladies and Gents!

So migrating to the USA was not easy for me, it was a JOURNEY, packing up my life piece by piece. There were many factors that we had put into play as to whether or not this was the right choice for us. I believe that everyone should really think about it, as it is a huge decision, it is not easy and it takes an emotional toll on you at first. It’s a big place and coming from a small island it is very different. Visiting and moving to the USA are two totally different things. Traveling here occasionally prior to moving does give you an idea but if you have never been here and just came here to live, it can be very lonely and stressful especially if you’re on your own.

My husband and I made a plan and decided collectively that it was a good choice for right now and if we were unhappy we could go back to our little island after the dust died down. So we made preparations, and we didn’t “do away” with all of our ties but merely put them in holdings. We moved here together, my family support system has been great and so we have just taken our time to adjust to our new environment. After 6 months of being here, we have successfully bought our car and purchased our home. Nothing we have done is far out of reach for anyone and making and setting goals is how we achieved them.

Think about every aspect of your current situation, weigh your pros and cons, gather as much information as you can, and set goals.