Preparing for NCLEX RN Intro (part 1)

Hey Ladies & Gents!

 I decided to do a blog post to supplement my video on my YouTube channel regarding the NCLEX RN Exam. The blog will be done in sections because the NCLEX is an important exam and I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with the plethora of information to come. I have tips and tricks that helped me and I;m sure will help others and so I decided to share this information. I sat the NCLEX RN Exam 3 times, it was emotionally draining and I was stressed out at the end of failing it the first time that I think I never gave myself a fair chance along with some other factors which contributed to me failing the second time.

I would not wish failing this exam on my worst enemy because the anxiety and stress that accompanies this exam … there are just no words to describe it.

It is imperative to learn the ins and outs of the exam and exactly how it works. This will help in understanding the exam which will boost your confidence. It is not just any exam, it is unlike any exam you have ever taken. There are no exams that contribute to understanding it.

I am an internationally trained nurse and so nurses similar to myself will understand that having experience puts you at a disadvantage rather than an advantage to new graduates.

This exam was made for new graduates and as such nurses with any experience with over think the questions and it will be more difficult for you to pass it because instead of reading and answering what is asked, we over analyze and read into situations we inadvertently make up in our head. NO NO NO this is where you go wrong so the best advice I can give to my nurses in that category which are my nurses who have any type of experience. Forget what you know or what you’ve seen, do not read into the questions, answer what is asked. This advice goes out to everyone as a matter of fact. ANSWER ONLY WHAT IS ASKED OF YOU. Do not read into the questions.

I will close this blog post with talking about the exam format, question wise and my next blog post will contain my personal tips and tricks to pass the exam.

The NCLEX RN Exam is set up in such a way that the minimum number of questions given are 75 and the maximum is 265. You can pass or fail at 75 any number in between up to 265.

So why do I need to know this?

You need to understand the exam to boost your confidence because you need all the confidence you can get for this anxiety ridden exam.

So with that being said you pass or fail at a minimum of 75 up to a maximum of 265. You are allowed 6hours to complete the total exam inclusive of your breaks. You have a first optional break prompt after 2hours and then thereafter you can take a break at any time if needed but it is counted in your exam time. You have 6hours to complete the exam however if the time expires before you are through, the system will calculate your pass or fail based on the last 60 questions you answered.

When I sat the exam the first and second time I failed at 265 questions. When I passed my exam on the 3rd attempt I passed with 75questions.

In my next blog post we will discuss tips, tricks and my recommended material…

Until then, learn as much as you can about the exam or check out my YouTube video on my channel


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