NCLEX RN Tips & Tricks (part 2)

Hey Ladies and Gents!

This is my follow up from part one which will include my tips and tricks as well as my recommended study material!

Tips and Tricks!

1. Personally, don’t tell every and anyone when your nclex date is, only need to know persons. I find that when everyone doesn’t know your “date” it’s less pressure on you, you can give an estimated time but don’t say the exact date tell persons a few weeks post date that way you would have sat your exam and gotten your results already before they even know you say the exam. I find that relieves pressure.

2. Designate isolated study times, silent and remove cell phones and any other distracting devices from your study area.  If you have children i recommend studying at nights or whenever they are not home, it will be difficult and will require scheduling and sticking to it but if done correctly you’ll only ave to do it once!

3. Study in 2 hour undisturbed slots meaning you can study for 4 hours BUT study 2 hours straight at most and at any one time take 15 minute minimum to 30minutes maximum breaks, in this time drink water, have a snack, stretch your legs but do not and I repeat DO NOT check social media because once you pop you probably see something that distracts you and it will disrupt your entire flow.

4. Practice questions and review rationales thoroughly. Do what works for you, writing the rationales down helped the information to stick for me, mostly important points.

5. Review every single rationale for right or wrong questions, whether or not know the information review it. Ensure your rationale matches up with the questions’ rationale.

Study material I recommend:

NSCBN learning ext the question bank


Pharmacology made INSANELY easy

My NCLEX Study guide CS (that’s done by me)

These are what I highly recommend, I’m sorry I don’t recommend actual study books with head to toe information about disease processes but this is because what I have noticed is there are many disease processes and it’s impossible to know everything. I recommend the pharmacology book because it has acronyms and it groups drugs which makes it easier to remember and that is always helpful. But based on experience if you study the strategy and see the strategy in answering questions then that will help you to critically think and thereby answer questions to which you don’t even know the disease. It sounds foreign when I say it now but if you study as I recommend then you will get a better understanding.

So those are my tips and tricks I will further start to do study blogs and review classes etc depending on the response from you.

What’s coming….
Blogs on question dissecting
How to apply for CGFNS and the process to follow for international nurses to become licensed to practice in the USA.

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