3 thoughts on “NCLEX RN Tips & Tricks (part 2)

  1. Gigi Valdivia says:

    Hello, Totally Moodie Congrats again, I send message on youtube because couldn’t figure your blog but I think I figure out. Thank you again for sharing your story. I am embarrass to tell anyone this but I graduate in May 2010 and never took my nclex because of fear, I dont know why because “With God all thing are possible.” Just taking the Nclex test take alot courage.


  2. Aswathi says:

    Hi ,
    I was very impressed and happy to read your experience .I am a Registered Nurse working in Ireland for 4 years originally from India .I have a future plan of writing NCLEX Exam .I was going through the Visa Processing for CGFNS and was wondering would I need to write IELTS or English test again for applying for the CGFNS? I wrote IELTS in 2010 nd got overall score of 7 (Academic) and is working in Ireland now since 2012.


    • TotallyMoodie says:

      Normally the IELTS is valid for two years, you may need to check with CGFNS to determine if you will still need that as i am not sure of the requirements for nurses coming from Ireland, but please let me know how it goes! Good luck!


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